Readiness Support under Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Status of NRSP’s Accreditation

National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) being the largest Rural Support Programme in terms of outreach and development work in the country was recommended by the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) to engage with Green Climate Fund (GCF). Idea was to engage NRSP as the first and leading implementing partner of GCF and MoCC in the county for the planning and execution of Climate Change Initiatives to be funded by the GCF. Initially, NRSP was directly linked with GCF and as a first step was asked to share the short proposal indicating the intended activities NRSP wish to propose for the engagement with GCF. This proposal was called as application for accreditation; which mean before NRSP is to formally engage in proposed intervention; organization is to be accredited first; being qualified enough to plan and implement the proposed climate change interventions with GCF. Supporting documents including organizational registration certificate, article of association, basic organization information, details and authority letter for individuals/contact persons to remain engage with GCF etc were also shared along with the proposal/application.

Shortly after the submission; application was approved by the GCF and an online access to GCF’s Application and information gathering system was given to NRSP; in which the detailed information of NRSP on organizational procedures, practices, manuals, projects, operations etc was uploaded and NRSP formally applied for GCF Accreditation in December, 2016 and is currently in Stage-1 of Accreditation. GCF will be get back to NRSP in few weeks and will guide about the next step. In the mean-time GCF engaged 3rd party organization called PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for the pre-accreditation assessment of NRSP. PwC was linked with NRSP and was shared with all necessary information related to the organization via emails and through access to a separate online access system. Afterwards, PwC visited NRSP in Islamabad Pakistan for site visit and detailed assessment of the organization. The visit was conducted in March, 2016 which was four days long and three members PwC met with the senior management, programme managers and reviewed in detail the all operations of NRSP including programme, finances, audit, procurement, HR, Administration etc. After a month of Pwc’s visit to NRSP; it shared a Gap Assessment Report with NRSP for review and comments; for which NRSP agreed with the report and afterwards an Action Plan to fill those Gaps was shared with NRSP in September, 2016; on which NRSP is currently working now.

In all the above process for engagement with GCF and PwC; Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) was involved and consulted in each and every step; which NRSP believes was productive and smoothen the coordination.